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Fishing Competition


fishingOne of the best angling locations in the world, the annual Kungsholmen charity fishing competition has been growing in stature since being established in 2009. Each year the organisers choose a charity, by commission vote, and enthusiastic anglers pay their entrance fee and flock from around the whole of Sweden and Europe to pit both their wits and luck against each other and the local fish. The participation fee is 5000 krona, the equivalent of around £500 and the entire sum raised minus organisation costs goes to the deserving charity of choice. In 2012 the competition succeeded in raising almost 715 000 krona, or £70,000.

Organiser Sven Llunberg, who initiated and organised the first event in 2009 is delighted at how things have developed since and is looking forward to raising the highest sum yet through the 2013 edition of the competition. “I’ve been an enthusiastic angler since my early teens and have been involved in organising the traditional Kungsholmen fishing competition for almost 20 years now. It’s considered as one of Europe’s leading fishing competitions because of the size of the perch, pike and zander in the area. In 2007, along with a couple of the other organising committee members we decided that it would be a fantastic initiative to capitalise on the competition’s position within the angling community, our network of contacts, sponsors and so on to organise a parallel annual charity competition with all of the proceeds going towards a deserving cause.

“We were lucky enough to have great support from a number of our main sponsors who got right behind us with the idea and in 2009 the first Kongsholmen charity competition took place. Since then we’ve been going from strength to strength”.

fishermanAngler and cometitor Erik Landsmark, sponsored by his company Betsson, was equally enthusiastic. “I’ve fished on and off since childhood though never thought I was serious enough to enter an angling competition. I was on a fishing trip in the Kongsholmen area when I heard about the charity competition and decided to give it a go, both for the fun and to support a good cause. Luckily my company have been very supportive and I raised my entrance fee with a combination of my own personal contribution, numerous contributions from work colleagues and that was matched by the company. The biggest pike I’ve ever hooked was 6 kg though so I’m going to have to hope I better that by quite some margin if I’m to have any hope!”